Stormed for You by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/6/2020

A storm beats on my back as I conjure that luminescent fire
The warmth to balance the cold as I conjure up my fire
I’m not a villain, rogue or one for masses of people
I’m just a wanderer alone in the wilderness battling the elements without a keeper
The pelts of water make a mess of my skin and hair
The lightning feels close and I worry about it’s threatening snare
Yet I’m an Elementalist and the elements scare me not
They’re the things of nightmares for some but for me they never made me stop
My mission is true. Survive the night and make my way to my guiding star or you
There’s not a storm that’s powerful enough to keep my mind unguarded or unfocused from being true
I’m not a villain in fact I’m a hero to your heart
I battled the elements and found the right places to start
So as lightning’s night threatened to find me as it’s prey and meal
I conjured fire and made the world my own to feel
So pick your poison or adventure if you dare
I’m not the one that’s intimidated or even remotely scared

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