Photo by Valentina Remenar

Mind Torn by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/8/2020

Consumed by noise or even worse the unspoken between the lines constant silence
When I’m in a mood where they disperse like waves on distant uninhabitable islands
There are rivers of emotions that flow down each steep and drenched troubled hillside
Days that are endless with people that hurt you with scars never showing when they’re on the inside
It’s loud with conversation but I’ve never felt so far apart or further away
Surrounded by people you care about individually but in a group don’t get along in every ideological way
I’m that figure at the end of the tight rope always trying to keep my balance and catch others before they fall for gravitational downs
Still with this many personalities it’s hard to look at smiles and forget my own frowns
I’m consumed by noise it’s in my head, bed or everywhere you don’t want it and yet I nearly always drown
Doesn’t matter how good my agenda is it’s always discerned incorrectly the wrong way or brining me down
Sometimes it hurts when you want to save everyone despite the harshness of their verbal sounds
I’m the guy with nothing but everything and I’d give anything even if wears me to the ground.
Why is it hard for others to find it in their hearts to provide sanctuaries for people to stay
For some reason relatives think your doing them wrong and you should limit your kindness or get you out of the way
The world is paved in good intentions yet it all boils down to complete and utter control
It’s that ego that is threatened and makes your mind afraid or lash out to scold
I’m not perfect I’ve plenty of scars to prove this true and through experience completely real
Yet it there’s a choice between malevolence or my genuine benevolence it’s kindness I choose to feel
For though it’s deafening or loud that constant chatter inside and out of our very heads
We must think of others with compassion and kindness or at least offer up our very beds.

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