Ignored By Alejandro N. Marrero 8/10/2020

There’s something particular about being ignored
Especially when it’s purposeful and you feel the truth, you’re not adored.
There’s a hurt when you knock in hopefulness but they don’t answer and your in need but feeling helplessness
It’s a pain to stand before a locked door
Drags your self-esteem to the very floor
A ground that is dirty and will scrape the knees as you collapse we always promise never more
I’ve never been good at being consistent possible a master at being aloof and distant
But when I need someone, I trusted my friends would know the relevance
The guy in pain they supposedly loved and their compassion significant
Yet, that’s not how people are
They spend their days doing their own thing and seasoning foods with herbal jars
They’re self absorbed with their wants as firsts
Never thinking their friend’s in need or his very own hurts
So I walk away before I make a mental or physical spectacle
After all that’s what’s respectable
I never forget though, that moment I needed more
Never have I forgotten standing alone and unadorned at your front door
I get it clearly now I’m a friend of convenience
I just hope you don’t have the same unloved experiences
For there’s something about being singled out and ignored
Let’s you know what’s the truth and who is truly most adored

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