Words Endured by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/11/2020

It’s getting worse this ailment that fuels my hidden manic bursts
It possesses my body, takes it over and makes it quake in tremors and hurts
There’s no pill that makes the pain go completely away
At least not one that doesn’t throw your mind and soul in a trap it can’t possibly evade
Wakeful and anxious lost in all the divided once trusted loyalties
There’s never been a nefarious or covert plot to merit such unpleasantries
Karma manifested organically and that’s how everything happened
I feel accused and hurt by the isolation and worse the insinuation
My mind isn’t conniving or part of their self made decisions
I’ve very little to offer only food, safety and a tattered mental affliction
One day you’ll regret the words you said
You’ll find out nothing was planned by my well intended head
What happened was an act of pure kindness
What you accused was full of sheared pettiness
Apparently not worthy of anyone’s trustworthiness
It’s getting worse this pandemic too long this anxious ailment inside of me
It grips me so deeply I often forget the sacred memories
One day peace will indeed return
I’ll leave for a while and with mantras be reborn
Then they will truly and so vividly see
That treachery was never possible for someone like me
I’ll climb the juniper filled mountain top
Look at the brilliant stars, recite the right chants and my ailments will stop
For I have more mustard seeds than faith ever needs
I’ll find a way to clean the every present mess of thoughts riding me like a steed
I’ll abide the the perfect, subtle, present and blissful remedies
It’s not a threat but a promise, watch closely

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