Vivid Darkness by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/14/2020

Wrapped in darkness I see my smiles in a flower’s glow
Its petals reflecting the full moon, its scent fragrant as it continues to altruistically grow
In the company of stars and a boundless sky
I make oaths to myself in silence that if I was silent I’d always abide
My mind is truly a weapon and a clever remedy
It hurts me constantly because I allow this ego to wander it strong and always free
I’ve read the texts, been on the retreats and know the cure is renunciation
Yet my faith is hard, I’d have to give up so much to reach that perfect meditative stabilization
Wrapped in darkness I see joy in the sounds of windy star filled nights
I even remembered to breathe it all in sitting down mindfully to be present for the right
I’ve got choices to make and all of them are challenging and require sacrifice
Yet, life’s no game and I’m so ready to truly live a meaningful and beneficial life
Solitude is easy for me as I never tire of the peace it grants me
Still around the right company it feels motivating to reach for that vajra lightning
With kindred souls that too search their minds and hearts for ways to thrive
It may be possible to live or purify my mind beyond the moment our egos die
I know the path and many know it too as true
It’s quite simple or complicated it’s completely up to me and yes you
What I know in my heart is that there’s a way to be free of all this pervasive suffering
That it won’t be easy, that I’ll have much to give up but still gain more than a cure and that is comforting
To be free of wants, needs and in a place where the cure is the path of awakening
Am I strong enough to be courageous like a tiger and devoted to finding it’s safe abode?
Or am I a slave the the monkey mind that thinks endlessly in spiritual tolls?
In the darkness I seek the light and find it in a lotus blossom
The path to peace, a cure and an end of all eternal sufferings
It will indeed be hard work to engage in renunciation or non-virtuous deeds
After all the ego convinces everyone that wants are absolute needs
Yet, I’ll not fall for its trap forever and be my ego’s forever slave
I’ll give it all up to find enlightenment and show others the trued, true, and certain way
So wrapped in darkness my mind can be a weapon or a cure
I’ve just got to find the means to leave my comforts, be reborn and with simplicity endure
For now I see that lotus blossom with petals lit by the full moon in our sky
It gives me hope that there is beauty in both the darkness and the internal ever present light.

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