Judges Lost by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/20/2020

They called me short they called me evil
They judged me by my looks not the heart in the middle
To them I abandoned that hung up crown of thorns
To them I wasn’t worthy in anyone of their homes
Look at me now, I’m much taller than them
He loved my heart and I of course let him in
They thought we’d never make it but my faith was real and so very true
I was so worthy our home’s bigger and opened for you
They called me an abomination not worth of shelter or love
They pretended to follow their bible but behaved like religious thugs
They lost almost everything as I took the high road and soared
Now I’m their angel and they wish for me to return and adore
I’m not a saint but I’ve never truly was a sinner
If you thought the worst of me then now look who’s the winner
I wasn’t worthy for I looked too dark in their words to have a heart
Yet, in the middle it beat, strong, pure and had a great brilliant spark
Decades have past and the ones who called me names are now far, far away
Spending their days remorseful wishing I’d never gone away
Now I’m suddenly beautiful and my actions don’t bring them shame
It’s too late someone found the good in me and I felt exactly the same
We’re average on the outside but inside we’re beautiful and true
Someone who looked in that sweet middle and stayed through and through
I have to thank you for throwing me out that crown of thorns door
Because now I’m happier and we have so much more

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