Sacrifice to be Free by Alejandro N. Marrero 8/21/2020

If you had to give up something new everyday to be free,
What would that sacrifice specifically be?
Would you give up coffee and switch to tea?
Would that living without that sugary addiction and allow others to tolerate thee?
Would you stop using pen and paper to save the limited life giving trees?
Would you plant more flowers and beehives to save the dying bees?
Would you give up your wine or toxin of choice?
Would you stop making curses with your own profanity-filled voice?
If you had to give up something up everyday to be free,
What would your start with please try and answer for me.
Would you stop pulling dirty air into your lungs?
Would you stop getting together with neighbors to have your inebriated fun?
Maybe you give up meat and become a vegetarian
Think of how hard it is to even try the diet in your imagination
Maybe you’d give up pork or red meat
Maybe you’d stay home after all it’s where there’s the most sweets
If you had to give up something everyday to be free
I seriously wonder what could it possibly be
Would you give up your addictions to Facebook or even your tweets
Would you bother to grow your own foods or go to the store for the buy one get one frees
You see the problem with life is you think you have infinite time
That everything you do in the middle you think is worth more than a dime
The fact is your poor, addicts and will never be free
The reason this is true can be found on your hidden codependencies
Most of you if you dare read this would stop at the top
That first thought of sacrifice or giving up things would have this poetry flop
However, there’s wisdom in here for those who dare try
It’s a path to wisdom or compassion if you were to understand why
True love is defined by two wings of a bird
Their both needed or their be no chirps or songs to be heard
There’s love based on compassion, welfare of others and kindness
There’s equally love based on attachment, need and yes blindness
So if you were asked to renunciate something new everyday
Something that severed your leashes and freed you more each and every other day
Would you give up something and make a sacrifice for your highest good
Or will you keep postponing it and simply ignore this to enjoy your prepackaged wine or food
One day you’ll realize the reason we suffer is ultimately and completely a choice
In the end of our days you’ll give up everything including your breath, heartbeat, and voice
So why not simplify and give up things every day to break free
A little renunciation there and though its hard you’ll adapt just wait and see
For everything is transient and yes life will indeed end
Yet for everything you give away you’ll find less there is to spend
So think for a moment you have however many fated and transient days
You just have to give up a bad habit each and every single way
One at a time is fine for Rome wasn’t built in a day
Yet brick by brick you’ll find your path doesn’t waver it grows longer everyday
So before you buy it or think you need to keep it for you
Learn contentment and sacrifice some bad habits and be altruistic about it too.
Then you’ll understand somehow given is owned
Something kept isn’t and for this you’ll be known.

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