Beyond the knowledge of Donovan a twenty-one year old guy, the supernatural exists. Only, all have been hidden from him and most human’s on Earth by a Veil which is now weakening. With the help of Leilah his best friend who is more than she appears, Donovan discovers all is not as mundane as it seems. He even meets a handsome Vampire and a sexy as sin Angel.

Though Donovan is gay he thinks that’s the least interesting thing about him. He simply hopes he will find the right guy one day. Yet, Donovan soon discovers the world is about to be forever changed and it’s all up to him to figure out how or if it does.
One thing is for sure, all the creatures of myth and magic exist! They’ve simply, been shrouded by wards in their veiled realms.

What come’s as a shock to him, is finding out his destiny was written by the very stars themselves and without his say on the matter. Would he be able to handle what the fates have in store for him? Will he find love based on attraction or did the stars have something truer in mind?

This is the story of an ordinary young man realizing there is more to life than just the barrage of chatter in his head. That Gods, Angels, Fae, Kindred, Vampires, Elves, Unicorns, Shifters, Witches, and more truly exist. This is the story of an ordinary young man’s awakening into a God with a destiny that will forever change the world.


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