Take Me by Alejandro N. Marrero 9/17/2020

Take me on a journey to a land far, far away
Where silence is my blanket and I’ll never be afraid to stay
Grant me wishes into each and every variety of seed
Let me plant them on my wanderings to sprout and be unbound and freed

I’m a victim of my own mind as I cast my prayers to the caresses of the wind
It’s always easier to understand the right course but naturally harder to begin
There’s a jewel I’ve hidden in every word I’ve whispered or dared to even write
Hardly anyone has found them such is the pens formidable and sacred might

Deliver me from sickness, pain, old age and suffering
Take me beyond the veils of time to worlds beyond mere imaginings
Where the sun kisses but never burns as it revitalizes my skin
Where colorful birds soar around me with wings flapping on melodic sounds to sing

Take me on a journey to a land farther that any would dare go
Where I can hear the laps of water from pristine waterfalls on gemstone floors
These lands exist and peace is a gift I wish diligently for all
I’m just not sure I’m capable of benefiting anyone when I work to the point I fall

I’m a survivor of many unspeakable memories and haunting thoughts
Things people gloss over while I it binds and ties my insides in endless knots
This spiderweb I walk through I’ve danced through once or twice before
I’ll find my way again to sanctuary, I’ve never been so sure

Deliver me to a haven a paradise free of anger and deceit
Where everywhere is beautiful and has everything one would ever hope or need
Where the nights are cool with colorful expanses of stars and unpolluted night skies
Where I can lay down and stare at the heavens in peaceful blissful lullabies

Take me on a journey, to a land far, far away
Where silence is my armor and what challenges the quiet is devoted to my stay
Where the scent of flowers, trees and clean air chase away my hidden memories
To a place where song birds and sounds of water carry in the wind my reveries

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