Reclaimed Earth By Alejandro N. Marrero

Their war started in November and how filled with lies it really was
They’d simply had enough

Their governments which failed them and were indeed corrupt
Inciting anger, division and putting ratings before the truths
It’s what brainwashed them all to kill the reds, white and blues.
In the chaos of a dictator with violent and lying tendencies
He spun tails to his cult often invoking anger instead of blessed unity

Now four years have passed and the Stars and Stripes are gone
The tyrant was defeated by his own people and after much unrest battles are done
He may of stroked the fires but the people got hit by shrapnel despite their armored vests
Now the world is unrecognizable, weeds overgrown, streets empty and void of humans as it rests

All because your Antichrist enabled your deepest darkest frights
The humans lost their borders and walls came down so quick
It really was sickly how often he’d throw his hysteria while hundreds of thousands died or got sick
They’re all now gone though so what the use of continuing hiding in broken cities where no one is around

You’ll find I sleep more peacefully knowing you destroyed yourselves and we can live again on these hollowed grounds
For at the rate you’d been going it wasn’t leading to a peaceful blissful taste
We stood up, kneeled and made prayers hoping gods would change our fates

Still, our prayers were never heard as humanity always succumbs to ending each other’s place
Now the Earth has been cleansed of all people and nature’s begun to heal its lands
Taking its swift opportunity to use its green and blue healing hands
Where once the stars were not visible because of man made lights
Now there’s no electricity and the stars and galaxies are seen easily through Angel’s eyes.

We were your guardians should you ever ascend enough to see us beyond your former forms
However, most of you misinterpreted all our helpful words
Now beings of myth and magic have crossed the veils to here
For at last the harmful humankind’s ambitions or numbers are no longer really feared this day
Maybe it’s the way it always was intented and the supramundane is here to stay

So rise beings of magic and auspicious holy sights
The world has been reclaimed by Gaia and there’s no one left to fight
If you had a time box you’d find life would of worked better if the popular would of had their say
Still, it matters not for those who’d read this have already gone so very far away
Make no mistake though Ángels are here as always and here we choose to stay

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