Armored Autumn by Alejandro N. Marrero 9/23/2020

Dressed for battle and wondering when it ends
I’ve got this armor on and I’m ready to defend
With enemies all around us seeking to destroy
I’ve got weapons made of metals ready to deploy

I break in shadows to catch my mindful breath
The world is so chaotic but I’ll survive this test
I’ve got no patience for your worries as I’ve got plenty of my own
Does no good for both of us if you speak of things you cannot know

There’s a hunger in your eyes and it promises to break the peace
Still, I’m not for sale and nothing’s ever really free
We fight this war knowing we’re going to possibly lose
It’s a battle that started in hearts of darkness and spreads in news

Dressed for battle and now in earnest it’s finally begun
You’ve cast your anger in all directions so here we come
It’s a foolish game you play with words filled with orange lies
How anyone ever believes them is beyond understanding behind my eyes

I prepare for war because this territory’s so divided
That wrath and fury was mostly uninvited
Here we are though on the eve of another fleeting day
One thing’s certain there will be fights that November date.

I’ll continue to spar with silence and a pencil
I’ve got to keep things quiet as it relatively presents well
Still prepare yourself for the reception for these lands are indeed corrupt
It matters not how strong you are until you wake the hell up

Dressed for battle as the eve approaches closer everyday
Those cults of evil acolytes will be vanquished one faithful holy day
Till then I sit here waiting for that cool autumnal night
For if there’s anything I’m certain of is that we should prepare for fights

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