Wear the Crown by Alejandro N. Marrero 9/24/2020

It’s not easy being an undercover prince
Despite the lack of perfections or glamour this very instance
Still, I’m an heir to wealth unimaginable
You may think it’s silly but in my head it’s quite possible

It’s not easy holding the weight of a crown
It would be simpler if I had my sovereign family around
Still, I’m on a mission till my body is fully healed
I’m still royalty even if it’s not how I currently feel

It’s not easy being away from my throne
It was never comfortable but it was my home
Still, I suppose this plain facade hides the greatest agendas
One day I’ll return to rule even if I don’t believe ya

It’s not easy being an undercover prince
My wealths hidden my motives and riches missed
Still, I’m royalty in a way that no one can take from me
For my value is measured by love and that’s present and free

It’s not easy for everyone born without a crown
It’s never fun to see others prosper while your feet still touch the cold ground
Still each one of you are deserving of sovereign wishes
Take your time, be kind, yourself and make them your missions

It’s not easy right now for most of us you see
Matters not if your poor or have tons of money
What matters is knowing your self worth
I believe we’re all sovereigns of this precious rare earth

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