Underneath, unbeknownst to Humankind, are massive cities and networks of Paranormal Beings. They’ve taken residence in an underground world they’ve constructed beneath Humanity’s very feet. The most prolific amongst them is the Vampires. With their superior technology that is generations beyond Humankind’s and their arcane abilities, it is a wonder they’ve yet to be discovered.

The Vampires in charge of the territories of the world are divided into twelve distinct Houses of the Zodiac. Their sovereigns and nobility are their leaders. Ezekiel Prince of House Scorpio is not like every other Vampire of his kind. Neither is his twin sister Mika. The siblings are a rare breed. Or so they thought. One day Ezekiel is compelled to hunt for prey outside his warded mountain fortress in Mount Mansfield in Vermont near Bristol. The stars lead him to his star-coursed mate. However, his mate is unaware that Paranormal beings even exist. To complicate things further, his star destined mate’s father is part of a cult that Ezekiel discovers has plans to eradicate all paranormal beings with all of the Vampiric kind first on their hit list. Meanwhile, the Zodiac Houses, with their politics and greed, cannot unite themselves even under the threat of a powerful new foe. 

One thing is sure nothing would keep Ezekiel from his handsome star-coursed mate. Ezekiel cannot get him out of his mind. The urge to complete the bond threatens to drive him mad. For as powerful as Ezekiel is, he cannot defy the stars without consequences. 

This is a story about a rebellious Vampire Prince that falls in love with an attractive young man at long last. Now that he’s finally found his star-coursed one, he will do anything to preserve his kind and defend his star chosen mate. Nobody would dare stand in his way. Not even this new cult intent on wiping Vampire Kind and other paranormal beings off the planet. 

House Scorpio, Book One of the Zodiac Vampires, is a 
***Mature LGBT Paranormal Romance***

There are graphic scenes of intimacy between two men, arcane magics, advanced technologies, and paranormal beings of every kind. There is fantasy, romance, adventure, and yes, sadly, the politics ever-present in the sovereigns of Vampiric kind.

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