Lands Untold by Alejandro N. Marrero 10/6/2020

I want to go native and wonder around the woods
Everyone tells me not to yet I think it’s something I should
I want to sleep to the sounds of birds and creatures of the natural night
I want to stare at star filled skies never polluted by mans electric lights

I want to have a shelter a humble home abode
Something secure and stable where I can feel at home
Let it be warm in winters and cool in summer days
Maybe I’ll build an earthen dwelling somehow I know I’d find a way

I want to join a tribe one that lives off the lands in absolute peace
I’d love to learn their ways if they put my mind at ease
I’d love to hear the song birds and see foxes every night
I’d even welcome the howls of wolves as I’d be safe in earthen chambers free from any fright

I want to go native and find some land out way out west
With rich soil, water and trees to farm and then get blessed mental rest
I would grow my food, and forage for everything just swell
I’d build myself a quiet solitude where I could right the wrongs real well

I want to build a shelter that’s simple in its remote and nature inspired design
Maybe on a hilltop of of some natural formation I’d always find divine
I want to see the stars as they wink at me in their beautiful colored ways
I’d find or build my paradise alone or with company for myself to stay

Now, my mind has wandered and it went west to a mountain cleverly unexplored
I’m not even sure this is my country for I don’t recognize it anymore
To the west fires burn and to the East it feels like there’ll be war
I’d love to find my middle, I’d love to heal some more

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