Shadow Found by Alejandro N. Marrero 10/7/2020 #poetry

This evening the devil found me
He made his way into my mind
He possessed me entirely and his darkness wasn’t kind
He exposed my fears and traumas vividly in rewind
Such are the terrors from those moments from way back and behind

Today the darkness seeped easily into my tattered brain
The overworked and underpaid fell victim to his shadows now coursing in my veins
My body dissolved into black every beautiful color fading from view
All of this from panics too strong to ignore and I naturally keep from you

This evening the demons found their haunted way inside of me
I didn’t want to submit or let them in
Still, with my mind so broken and shattered now they make a mess within
Plucking memories I’d once forgotten to remind me of the past relapses once again
Promising that even in periods of healing they’d always come back to win and sin

This evening the devil found me and possessed me through and through
He used my body’s adrenaline to skewer me anew
I surrendered to the darkness and took a seed like pill
Hoping in the haunting that the lights would stay on or illuminate my window sills

Now the moments over and the medication has kicked in
It hasn’t killed the demons but at least their quieter within
I look at pretty pictures and read some books to find the happy light
Growing and feeding that spark to chase away the shadows present to battle I fight against each and every dark night

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