Run, Stay, Leave by Alejandro N. Marrero 10/13/2020

I have no idea where I’m going but my mind doesn’t live too often here
It wanders down story’s, brooms, trails, across roads and even hemispheres
There’s a sense of belonging and not belonging if that could ever make sense
My mind just keeps on planning and wandering it’s my mental self defense

Where would I go when everything anyone could possibly want is present here?
If those words were true why can’t we be content instead want more and more each year?
The truth is somewhere out there in my continual searches for a peaceful paradise
For a land without division or news that gives biased unbelievable advice

I don’t recognize myself sometimes and yes my age and hair has grown
Still from everything I’ve seen and witnessed the worst has yet to show
I want a little of everything, the forests, lakes, tropics, mountains and the endless trees
I’d love to live on an island or dance under stars with my soul at ease

Life will take from you minutes, hours, months then even steal your years
Then when you think it’s taken enough it goes and takes those you who hold so dear
There’s a sense of belonging but not at the ever present inside my head
It’s gotten to the point that even work is found each evening into my uncomfortable bed

I have no idea where I’m going but my mind lives so, far, far, away
It wonders each direction through stories, videos and imaginations gone astray
If what make a house a home is love then truly we’d own and have by now several
Still this doesn’t seem right and we chain ourselves to one we can barely afford and do indeed settle

I have no idea why I runaway everyday in my mind while firmly staying here
Maybe it’s because I hope one day soon everything will be perfect and fine my dear
Still, my mind rather live in stories where I can travel to any fantasy filled place
Where my mind is tranquil and I can design lives and difference mental states

The truth is we’re all a little lost and what would guide us to contentment costs so very much
We’d have to give up everything and truly leave the ones we love
For in a monastery of your faith’s preferred and altruistic design
Is probably the only place so holy our minds would achieve anything remotely divine

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