Stars Above Thee by Alejandro N. Marrero 11/11/2020

Do you ever think about the stars
Wonder how far they really are
Wether we can reach up and catch them before they fall
Think about why we matter or if we do at all?
I’m that beginning at the end of time and space
Some say it’s the letter ‘e’
Some say I’m easily replaced
Do you ever wonder about your true and destined purpose
If life the way you live it is truly worth it
Have you climbed high up into the sycamore trees
Were you frightened or filled with the canopy’s breezy glees
I look up more often than many or most
It’s the direction I feel we should cheer to and toast
Yet, I’m just a silly no one armed with chaotic possibly poetic words
I’m a nobody that wants for other distant undiscovered or unreachable worlds
One where everyone of us was blind and I’d be beautiful
One where everyone was quiet and actions were truly meaningful
Still, I’m not a god or awake enough to light the way
I’ve got my thorns even if roses surround me keeping them at bay
Truly I wonder am I all alone as the sun rises, crests, and falls
It seems that way as I do everything and claim nothing monetarily at all
Do you ever think about those precious stars
Ever reach up and try to reach them at least once or not at all
I do
I try every single starlit beautiful night
To climb higher and be bigger than my crippling fright
Still, I’m a pane of glass shattered to pieces like my heart
No amount of glue can make this heart dance again or restart
Yet as my shards glitter on their way back to me
I wonder if it was reflections or the lights of stars I see
One thing is certain I’ll never ever be like you
No matter how hard we try this is truer than being true
Just remember silly lovable and memories friend
I’m still reliable through thick and better when the ice is thin
I’ve not left you alone to suffer in encompassing silence
I’ve offered my everything and never violence
I’m just as lost trying to find my way back home
A place we can rest and truly be safe and yes sometimes alone
However, please I plead for you to reach out and reach for the stars
Prove to me you care enough to wonder if their close or way too far
Or if you even love me or yourself at all
For in the beginning of the end and the end of time and space
Is the letter ‘e’ and a holy kind of trivial place
Till the twilight births a starry night
You’ll find me staring upwards up to the light
Shooting, falling and wish filled stars
I’m like most of us and pray they’ve never been that far

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