When Sun’s Leave by Alejandro N. Marrero 11/13/2020

You cared for them like they were your own
They may not have been birthed by you but you provided a home
You worry about them when they’re away
You appreciate and feed them while they stay
One day they grow up before your eyes
They tell you they’re leaving before their goodbyes
You have a week or less to adapt to the reality
That adopted son is now moving away from thee
You’re an adult, your supposedly wise and impossibly kind
Yet, it still hurts when family moves suddenly and leaves you behind
It doesn’t matter how much you invested for them to please stay
Or even if you fed and clothed them nearly everyday
The reality is we live on borrowed time
We teach them how to crawl, walk, stand then watch as they leave us behind
I’m not outwardly emotional
In fact the other day my feelings were hurt by someone close and personal
Still, hearing, then seeing, the stars destined and hurtful departs
Leaves fractures and fissures of pain all in our hearts
They say it’s better for them to leave, move out or go for this reason or that
Yet, it doesn’t erase all the memories or strong feelings we still have
One day we welcome people with love into our homes
Sometimes it’s from birth other times it’s from friendly adoptive goals
No matter the reason our family grows up but doesn’t last
As quick as they entered your life they leave it
just as fast
What can you do though they’re adults now and not really yours
They belong to themselves and your home, food, love was never enough to secure
They’ve made up their mind and traded a family for another
Left good care for real fathers, sisters or brothers
You pretend not to notice them pack everything up all night and day
Still you know you’ll have an empty room tomorrow where they used to stay
This is what life is truly like
You give and you give but they still leave and turn off some of your light
They say it’s for family, the real kind the ones bound by blood.
Ones that were conveniently absent when you needed their love
Now with sadness behind smiles we watch the one we cared for go
No thirty day warning just a week and the end of a show
I’m not good with feelings or outward verbal expressions of a profound emotional nature
But I’d be a fool to say we wouldn’t dare miss you
So as the months flew by way too fast
The only thing we’re guilty of is adopting someone into a pair of hearts that didn’t last
You cared for them like they were your own
They may not have been birthed by you but you provided them a real and stable home
You worried about them when they were away
You appreciated and fed them while they had the grace to stay
One day they grew up before your very eyes
They tell you they’re leaving before or even without saying their goodbyes
They pretend things won’t change and everything will be fine
If that was true why does our hearts break inside
Why do we let ourselves be hurt and hide our cries
It’s because we care and wouldn’t influence or manipulate a thing
We know these are matters we simply can’t win
Blood is blood and that’s all that seems to matter
What’s convenient for others is why our souls silently shatter
No we’re not happy we’re losing our son and friend
Yes we believe them cautiously when they say it’s not the end
Still, it’s hard to see them grown up and walk with purpose outside and away from our doors
It’s sad and heartbreaking to know they won’t live here anymore

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