Photo by Albert Acosta

Pandemic’s Reds by Alejandro N. Marrero 11/15/2020

We heard of it more importantly HE did in on a cold grey December
Still we didn’t pay attention or possibly chose not to remember
Till at last the Pandemic reached our shores
It’s origins from the other side of this small world
Some took it seriously others though said it’s a hoax unfurled
In a cold and grey December with winter’s eves approach, a virus was confirmed on our planet.
Some said its ridiculous others kept calling it a hoax and He said nothing so we wouldn’t panic.
We heard whisperings of it back then but worldly affairs never want or seek to end
we chose to ignore it till the beginning of Spring in cases of disbelief and grief filled pretends
A season wasted as the virus finally met our shores and since then has ravished all our family and lands furthermore
Three seasons have passed and millions have been infected
Here alone over two-hundred-forty-thousands lives have abruptly ended
The virus that we heard about in that cold and dark December
It’s not been stopped or even considered a surrender
In fact it’s now gained momentum and even infectious momentous speed
Spreading like wildfires painting our states red with an ocean of disease
In a small town on the other side of the world began a pandemic that crossed every countries oceans and shores
Now with millions affected, mourning, and hundreds of thousands dead
They’re starting to find remedies
All from avoidable tragedies
your head needs to be masked
It’s the smallest of asks
Yet there are those who care not
They won’t wear them so they fought
While the world loses mothers, fathers, daughters and sons
They only care about is being free from face coverings instead infecting those under our shared sun
We’re now in November
The eve of that cold grey and back again December
Things have gotten worse and a resurgence has painted our maps in oranges and reds
The numbers are tallied and more are now indeed dead
When you know it’s deadly you wear a mask
It’s the smallest of things asked the tiniest of tasks
If not for you think of everyone else
why not wear a covering and think more than just yourself?
Winter approaches and it can make or break this world
The pandemic wasn’t a hoax and it has crippled every shore
Listen to science and stop being reckless you’ve never been adored
You’re reign is ending and even then it’s right after December the time you knew about this from long long before

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