Photo by Carlos Quevado

Serpents in Eden by Alejandro N. Marrero 11/30/2020

It wasn’t me that planted that pomegranate tree in the middle of Eden
You slithered up to them both and begged them to eat them
Now their descendants have scattered from that well manicured garden
They’ve fled from its animals, flowers, fruits, safety, even each other

Still, I have to thank you tempter for you secured my agenda by setting them free
Altered the master plan and gave us Ángels a purpose just wait, you’ll see
No it wasn’t me that wanted to have sheep’s slaughtered for painted doors
Nor was it my idea to send my brother Azrael to kill all the first borns

You see since that apple and fruit on the center of a Mesopotamian garden tree
The wheels had begun spinning inside both you, the people and their chosen destiny
You wanted to coil around their ankles and defy the very wayward gods
I simply wanted to observe their creations veiled from way far up and above

Still, now I’m grateful they listened to your slippery and silver tongue
It was only after they left Eden that the floods and wars had begun
What greater purpose do Demons and Ángels and their wings have
We soar and walk amongst billions of charges when once only two is what we had

Since Eden they spread in all directions and gave us more ranks to assist
Now they’ve turned on each other with greed, anger, sin, fists and resist
Remember It wasn’t me that planted that seed in the center of a garden made for Two
It was your snake like manifestations and influence that pushed them to eat it all the way through

Long ago the serpent and temper influenced the journey for a few
Now they’ve gone everywhere and abandoned believing in gods, devils and angels like me and you
Though we watch their descendants with barely a fair and just complaint
You’ll find the world more interesting now that they’ve had that forbidden fruit’s taint

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