Fly with Me by Alejandro N. Marrero 12/1/2020

I’m a tear in the darkest sky
A doorway of your cries
I’ve not given you my sins
However, still our story just begins

I’m a drop of morning dew
On a blade of grass or even you
They say above storms are clear skies
Bet that doesn’t reassure all your lies

I’m a hole in your logic
It matters not for I touched it
I broke free from all your pain
Threw away everything you had to gain

I’m a break in the clouds
A remedy for being remotely loud
I’m not well but better than most
I only choose the greatest hosts

I’m a rip in your clouded sky
The ones you dream of when you die
When loved ones turn to shadowed ash
I’m the one you pray to at last

I’m a tear on holy grounds
Your spell broke and no ones near or around
Still, you’ve come to seek your thrills
Only never have you found your true fill

I’m a hole in your twisted logic
It isn’t painful it’s just repulsive
How you thought yourself better than me
Yet, only one of us is truly free

When you rise above the sky
Remember you don’t need to wear a lie
I’ll be waiting in clear true and endless blue skies
Wishing that you’d never fib to try

For if a hole is torn from clouds above
From the sunbeams descended peaceful doves
Not ones with an olive branches
But I’m natures chaotic avalanches

When you realize I’m not being mean
You’ll understand a mind that’s keen
One sharper than a honeyed knife
One that’s never taken any single life

So, yes dear I’ve made a hole up in the sky
Still, it wasn’t so you could give up hope or die
I just poked a path for all your wishes and yes your cries
Simply wishing for you to see what direction to truly fly

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