Halo Skies by Alejandro N. Marrero 12/10/2020

Would you lie to me
Would you like to know my name
If you were paid a price would you douse my inner flame
Would you break me or leave me just the same

I’m a no one
An ordinary sum
I’ve had some discretions
I’ve both loved and avoided the sun

Would you help me stand
Are these things high in demand
Will my past ever erase
Or do they pursue me always in such haste

Would you die for me
Would you sail me faraway and free
Would you show me stars
Stars like endless open seas

I’m worse than no one
I’m someone
And somehow that makes it worse
It’s the reason it stings and why I usually hurt

Would you cry for me
My tear ducts have truly run dry
You think I’m exaggerating
Still I’m not one to embellish a lie

I’m a no one
Just a collection of parts
Of small and big risks
Or several doomed and blessed restarts

Would you hold my hand
I’m a stranger in these lands
The only ones I recognize
Are people that don’t empathize

I’m someone if not I’d never feel a thing
I must be important if my defeat sings for them a win
I’m under stars that pepper the skies
Yet like fireflies I know that most of them have died

Would you save me
Un-spell me from this curse
It doesn’t matter how you do it
Just take away the hurt

I don’t blame you
I couldn’t for your my shining sky
If I had to chose between myself or you
I’d pick you to live each time

I’m no one and everyone
Still I’ve never been the sane
Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever heal
Or forever feel the shame

There’s a halo that much is true
An angel or two I’d have to speak to
One that owes me a rescue or two
For truly their rings are signs of virtue
With wings they’ll always fly me back to you

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