Lividity by Alejandro N. Marrero 12/8/2020

I’m livid I’m real
I’m all the emotions you care not to feel
I’m fire I’m water
I’m everything you dare not try and bother
I’m alive I’m immune
I’m the dead afterlife you thought I’d assume
There’s a place between electrons
A waste between tides
An endless space between lies
I’m a fortress of magma
I’m the oceans breath of life
I’m everything you wanted
I’m everything including strife
There’s a power I posses
It’s one that’s manic when depressed
Still I’m a weapon with words
They have feelings and cut like swords
I’m a fire to water
An air to earth
A torrent of emotions
Things you’ve never heard
I don’t want you to drown here
Yet I’d like you to hear
That I’m everything and always something to fear
I’m not a bully
I’ve had my hands cleaned
There’s isn’t many bones
that I’d call even mean
Still I’m a weapon
I cut, slice, puncture and wound
All because you offered my life to strangers just for a boon
I’m in the ether the space between thoughts
I’m everything powerful
Like the things you forgot
I’m livid I’m real
Don’t dare tell me how I dare feel
I’m fire and water absolutely a bother
Remember the lesson as it never goes as planned
I’ll live my life well
I’m not from your lands
Kiss my foot prints as they shadow the sands
I’ve never touched ground I’m barely a man
I’ll leave when I want to so silence your demands
I’m a weapon of value and in the right hands
In between worlds and atoms inside the ether of time
I’m the destroyer of worlds
Nothing’s left ever by error however graceful behind

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