Rude Judgement by Alejandro N. Marrero 12/12/2020

Judge me with your Avarice
Damn me with your disease
It seems the only time you have opinions
Is when it’s about the defenseless me

Say what’s between the lines
The things you fail to hide or veil
The things you truly think of me
When you feel trapped and not so well

Put every finger down except the middle
The one that points and the other few
I’m not exactly little
Your words matter less than the payment due

Judge me for my recklessness
Hate me for my stainless purity
Roll in all the riches all around us
Take what you’d never give for loyalty

Say what you’ve been hiding
Pretend it’s just you in the room
I’m tired of your half baked wining
It’s exhausting your doom and gloom

Now pretend you’re really older
Maybe wiser, smarter and more careful too
Yet we know that your guilty and a bother
You’re no Saint no stone cast to make this true

Judge me with Your avarice
Judge me with your hidden words
Punish me for being real and feeling
Punish me with held back swords

I’ve become a river and a brother
Transformed into a creek and then a stream
Yet we’re still part of each and every other
No matter how much you think your seen or bothered

Now settle down boy you’re not a muscle man
You complained to much to make this ever true
What annoys you is so childish
What agitates is completely wholly you

Judge me for your cowardice
Defend yourself as prude
Pretend you’re all courageous
Still, remember only one is true

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