Dark Light by Alejandro N. Marrero 12/12/2020

You’re in my grips and you think I’m darkness
Yet inverted all is white in the silence
How dare you judge me for judging my silent night
Were you there when I battled the dark with light

You’ve had your opinions and I’m sorry to say they’re wrong
You’ve had your change of hearts but listen to my songs
I’m not destroyed by the ignoring of your cares
I’m enthusiastic because you’re wrong and stayed there

You’re leather is a sin and it’s braided like a whip
You think your the dominant force but it’s at most a verbal quip
Shed thy mortal coil and pretend to be prepared
I’ve died so many times I know my way right to there

You see my image and think I’m darkness that will consume
I ask for a mirror and it’s the light you’ll see quite soon
For I’m the warrior that fights the dark away
I’m the honorable one that makes the night turn into day

Now ask what you wish of me you know I’ll be just and true
I care not for my benefit I just want the best for you
You’ve been weighed down by greed and familiar tides
I’m here to hold your hand and prove there’s no reason to ever hide or lie

People judge me for the color of my religion
They think they’re faith is richer but only in the beginning
So wish for my armor I’ll battle all your plights and fights
I’ll be the one that shows and guides you to infinite boundless light

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