Pandora’s Boy by Alejandro N. Marrero

I’m not brandishing a weapon
Nor is my heart made of ice and stone
I’ve got plenty of good qualities
So don’t judge the book reborn

I’m a puzzle in a lock box
One filled with memories of ice
Sometimes they overwhelmed me
Most often throughout the night

Why I never said I was perfect
Yet you judge a book by its cover
A poem isn’t even read without one
Of this I’ve truly discovered

I’m standing in a pose
One where I feign some sultry haughty look
Still, truly what did you think you’d find
Behind each word of mine you mistook

I’m a puzzle like Pandora
Some fear my mind when it gets out
Still the one thing that it’s magic held strong for
Was that hope and not without

Don’t stand there staring
I’m doing that fine just on my own
I’m just lingering in waiting
On my way back home

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