Fall To Wishes by Alejandro N. Marrero 12/18/2020

I fled the skies
Stopped the flapping of my wings
To fall with you to paradise
You think I’m sad
Broken now that I fall from heavens for you
It’s not the truth
I stopped the flutter of my wings for only you
I chose this fall
This Autumn in my winter
To hope with you for miracles
I’ll not dance above the clouds
I’ll never promise the tears of angels
For I am you and everyone wish you want to come true
For I gave up heavens to confort you
I slammed to earth
My body broken and hurting stronger than your heart
I’d do it again
All so you’d have a fresh new start
I’m not a saint
In fact Aside from my wings and halo I’m the devil
Yet. It matters not when I grant you love that isn’t fables
I left the skies
I stopped the fluttering of my wings and eyes
I fell from heaven to be at your side
I hit the ground hard
Left a crater in my heart
Still, it was worth it for my wishes departs
A soul for a soul
A sole minute of gasping breath for you
I was your guardian
The one that was supposed to die before him or you
However I’ve failed you now
So I plucked my feathers to fall to the ground
I’ll never stay afloat in paradise
Not when my wings grant wishes for every vice
Take my broken wings and take the prayers you wish to need
Find that peace, love, life and equanimity
For I’m an Angel
Not the best but committed to stop your trembles
I’ll pause your troubles with every feathered wish
I’ll never ask for anything reserve your affections for the girlfriends kiss
You have a home now
The blessing pour from my fall from heavens skies
It’s not enough
For if I could I would rewind and keep everyone you love alive
Still, in this cratered pavement I reach a broken wing to thee
As you to take all my feathers and wish yourself free
For I was your guardian and I let you flee
I’ll grant you feathers and favors for eternity

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