Wishes For Beauty by Alejandro N. Marrero 12/21/2020

I wish I was beautiful
With muscles and smooth youthful skin
With eyes that change in sunlight
And a heart humble and free of sin

I wish I was stronger
Toned well in all the right places
With the stamina of a horse
And blessed by heavenly graces

I wish I could start over
Reverse all the aging and lines
Have that body of my earliest twenties
Back when I could eat whatever I liked

I wish I had powers
The kind that helped plants grow
I’d probably make everything tropical
With trees branches so heavy with fruit they’d bow

Don’t you wish you could change
Be objectively beautiful and even more sane
Be content because everything is perfect and right
Your handsome, beautiful, dashing or bright

I think if I tried really hard I can grant most of these wishes
With a gym membership, new diet, rest and yogic fitness
There’s contacts for eyes and greenhouses for plants
Even homemade face masks to smooth out the cracks

Still, if I grant my own wishes
Would they be considered conducive to peace
Or must I sacrificed beauty to feel more at ease
Renunciation of worldly things so I’m bald and in red

I’d undoubtedly have to meditate day and night
The way to peace pounds so far from my sight
Yet, it can be done right?
I can give it all up for that boundless light.

I must Stop all my superficial wishes
work on purifying the mind of wants and anxieties
Maybe even cross to that inner peaceful endlessly free sea
That nirvana I’d get if I renúnciate all of my wishes for you and me

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