The Nameless One by Alejandro N. Marrero

A long time ago, there was a boy with no name. He arrived in this world with two parents, but they couldn’t decide on one. They would call him a boy. Having no name wasn’t a challenge for him, and his parents lived on a little farm built halfway into a cave. The neighbors were always very far away from his parents small home and the farm hidden away in a mountain. One stormy winter, his parents got very ill, and he was only seven years old. He asked them to leave their farm and get medicine. However, his parents were at peace and knew there was nothing they could do. They sat down in a meditation position and told him to do the same. The boy loved his parents and didn’t want to disappoint them. He sat and meditated with them, for they often did. When he was meditating, he kept getting distracted. A voice inside his head kept on asking for his name. It was insisting for him to give up his name. The boy said, there’s no name for me to give you. The voice in his head stopped at hearing about this. It left the boy alone, and he continued to meditate in silence. Then one day, he felt his body get very light. It was like he could fly or didn’t weigh anything at all. The voice came back and asked again what should I call you, nameless boy. By now, the boy was used to being calm and living in the tranquility between thoughts. The boy answered back by saying there’s no need for me to have a name. The voice huffed and then left. One day the boy forgot how much time had passed and found it wasn’t significant. What mattered was to do as he was told. To sit and meditate. The seasons came and left, and his heart would beat just once a day. He didn’t expend any unnecessary energy. Then on a day that made little difference to the boy arrived, and the voice returned. He asked the little boy if he knew what day it was. The boy didn’t know and politely pointed out it was of no importance, what day it was. At this, the voice in his head told him if it doesn’t matter what day it is, it would leave him alone in the cold. The boy didn’t understand what cold the voice referred to, for he felt light and warm. The boy continued to meditate, and it never got uncomfortable. So he realized the voice was his mind. Trying to distract him from the last task given to him by his parents. From that moment on, he remained calmly without interruption until suddenly he woke up. When he opened his eyes, he found he was no longer on the farm or cave where he was born. Instead, he was surrounded by a luminous paradise where the ground was made of crushed blue stones, and no shadows existed. He started to walk forward and saw many luminous beings follow him. When he reached the center of the foreign lands, he found a throne held by golden lions. Everyone bowed to him. However, he was neither moved or swayed by their actions. He, then went to sit in the very center. It was as good a place as any for him to continue meditating. Flowers appeared everywhere around him. Then he was offered food, incense, and water to drink. His skin was bathed clean by scented water to the tune of serene music. All this was done by countless luminous beings that neither had form nor formlessness. He thanked everyone but continued to meditate until he suddenly felt a strong presence arrive in the shape of a red-skinned man and a white-skinned woman. They looked exactly like his parents. They were covered in crowns, silks, jewelry, and gemstones and were very luminous, healthy, and bright. The snow-white Princess, who looked like a youthful form of his mother, spoke first and told him they were so happy he meditated and found his way back. The father who looked like a Prince with the red skin said the same. They introduced themselves as Amitayus and Tara. The boy said it is nice to meet them. They told him he was now ready for his name. The boy was neither happy nor sad at hearing this. He never needed a name. Amitayus and Tara smiled and said, yes, you are right. However, if you listen closely, you can hear outside of this mandala and paradise, many people are suffering. They all have names. It’s all they know. Some would even like to come here to this beautiful heaven. They would benefit from knowing your name so they can follow the same path you followed to get here. No being should suffer from this, he agreed. So he told them he would answer the prayers to all who called his name. Tara and Amitayus smiled. Their smile was so much like the parents who always tended the farm in another world, was pleased. You are now ready for your name, child of ours. Your name is Maitreya. You’re the Buddha of the past, present, and future. Existing in all places at once. Now, it’s time you answer the pleas of those who seek your guidance to this mandala of gardens our beloved son. Go forth and bring all who would listen as a guide to this place. Teach them the ways of simplicity, compassion, wisdom, and help them defeat their names or ego with the lessons of meditation and selflessness. Maitreya thought this was a good idea. So, henceforth, that is what he did. All who were lost or he heard of their cries, he would appear before them in his princely luminous form. He one day found a baby in a manger under a bright star in the sky. The boy, too, had many names but didn’t belong to any of them. So, Maitreya taught the boy while his parents slept how to live a simple life. How to love oneself and others. How to look within for the kingdom’s of heavens, and no matter how he suffered, he need not worry for he would rise again and join him in paradise. Thirty-six years later, the boy had done all Maitreya asked. Never losing faith even at the moment of death. So he came to the man. He brought him out from the tomb he was buried in and told him to show others the way for a day, then call his name, and he would ascend into paradise. The man did as was asked and sparked faith in many. Then Maitreya brought him to the heaven that was always inside him. Now there are many Buddhas. Some are famous, poor, unknown, and in several world systems. Yet all connected by virtue. Since no one forgot that boy, the disciple of Maitreya in the manger every year, people would light up trees with lights and practice generosity with each other. To this day, people still think of Buddha, Maitreya , Tara, Amitayus, and Jesus. Those who listen even meet with them again in the paradise of a loving heart by living as good people. People with devotion who watched their minds and supplicating their now renowned names.

May all beings everyone do what each one is capable of doing. Practice loving-kindness, compassion, and wisdom by looking and living within their hearts. They’ll find themselves soon in the lands of crushed gems, music, pure water, food, perfumes, incense, and boundless light. Carrying on their missions in every direction to benefit all beings.

Happy Holidays.

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