Prism of Winter by Alejandro N. Marrero 1/29/2021

I see you looking and no I don’t have the cure

I’d offer it to you first then the world as it endured

I’m frozen from being clinical. Theoretical and strong

It means my biceps are not huge but if you doubt my strength you’re wrong

I’m an echo of white in the prism of winter

I don’t need your love

I need your distant future

I see you glancing every direction away from me

You thought I didn’t notice

Yet everyone knows discounts are never really forced or free

I’m a world of difference in a world torn apart

I’m the atom and nucleus before the electrons depart

I don’t need your effervescence or your light

I have an echo of love and it’s a beautiful solstice night

There isn’t a rhyme or reason for me to bend the knee

No I’m not talking about you

Not even about me

I’m an echo of winter in the prism of your shattered heart

If you thought it cold then please power down, clear, shock and then restart

There’s no tilt to my words or holy radiance in between

I’m just dusting myself off trying to explain what I truly mean

I see you looking and no I don’t have a cure

I hear it’s happening so wait be safe and just endure

I’m a snowflake in high definition

A prism of glass

There’s nothing no where that ever truly thinks to be seen or last

Yet with a head bowed down on wicked holy bended knees

I want you to look up in the frost of winter and describe what those frozen eyes can see

I want you to know that echo was effervescently me

The echo of right in the winter of thee

Let it be known I’m a blanket for those on their knees

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