Electric Adrenaline by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/8/2021

Electric thoughts thunder in my mind before being released
The flood from gates blasted open with ease
I never meant to hurt you with those awful things I never said
Still, I thought them all even if they weren’t physical actions I’m remorseful instead
Sparks fly as my lightning storms the glittering ground
Constantly reaching for a rod or something metal around
I’ve no need of jasper but I’d appreciate a void of sounds
After all these thoughts are nightmares and they live inside me now
Feverish dreams would be better as then there would then be an excuse
Instead I’ve not been physically sick enough to cause a temperature or two
There’s this burning inside me a flame that’s hot, bright and warm
I can’t contain its destruction without discipline and inside I’m very torn
There’s static in the ether and no one adjusted the bunny ears
I can get a clear picture yet you know I love you dear
Don’t you wish I could kill this monster that hijacks my brain?
If it was a demon my only goal would be to discover its powerful name
Energetic thoughts can spark into word and then to deeds
The mind starts it all at least that’s how it’s always perceived
The flood gates are open as tears streak from my eyes
The lightning is out of focus but I know it’s struck somewhere outside
I wish I could forever see things that were lovely, fragrant, kind and good
Instead I’m judging myself and like most measuring my moods around food
Lightning arcs escape my back and poorly postured spine
It’s happening very often now, not later and yes all the time
My mind no longer as fortuitous as diamonds or sapphire glass
I wonder why I’ve been in findings broken this way mentally regardless
Electric thoughts find their way out and search for their intended pray
I only hope no one is around when it finds them in their way
Sparks fly as my thunder brightens the tattered ground
I glance at the scorched earth and thank heaven none were around

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