Poisoned Well by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/2/21

Somewhere out there is an ocean of truth
It may live on the tip of a blade of grass
It may even be dew
Still you’re not the harbor where people find sanctuary
You’re not reliable just conveniently temporary
We gave you a warm welcome
A smile and so much more
Still, you betrayed us when you came here
Turned people away from well lit and yes peaceful shores
We’re not mad by your invasion or transient stay
We’re not even bothered by the friends you steered astray
Life is a wave it has it ups and downs
The moon is even said to bring us the occasional frown
Still, you have to admit it’s a tiny little epic kind of town
Especially, when we were the ones who invited you originally around.
Now, you’ve settled in and behold we now definitely know
That you were not worth the kindness we gave and even showed
You’re like a drop of poison and we’ve traced it to your well
Everything was fine till you tore things to hell
Lies, whispers and clicks upon cliques
You think you’re so clever while we think you’re just dicks
Like a black widow your lies are as beautiful and deadly as your webs
People get tangled in their silk but your toxin kills friendships instead
Revenge is dish served warm they say
However, we’re better so it’s you that’s soon going away
Have your fun as you build your temporary tribe
That ocean of truth will expose all your lies
You’re not reliable and no lighthouse to our shores
In fact you’re ungrateful and not what this town deserves
Still, please continue, we assure you it’s fine
After all your just petty and will be gone with sweet, sweet, time
We often think of the kindness we bring
We don’t dwell on the cruelty that you think makes you win
We expressed words because it hurt at first after we welcomed you in
Providing safe harbor as you anchored then stabbed us in the back and from within
Now you’re waning like the moon before it’s phased in dark
You’ll leave and then the poisoned friends will try a reset and restart
It won’t work like that for we gave more strikes than the usual
We forgive but we never forget it’s not that unusual
It’s that ocean of honesty that is offered each sunset
Sail away on that voyage for just the two of you
You can even take the people you’ve stolen, poisoned or bruised
We’re a lighthouse, landmark, and harbor for trust
We will remain here till all is spent or dust
Now, don’t be coy, have another sip, yes drink up it’s all you do so enjoy
Enjoy those fake smiles, plastic company like children with new toys
We’ve traced the poison and followed a map straight to your well
We’ve seen it’s detriment and believe us we’re doing just swell
Now hurry on up, make your way, leave, far, far away and be well
For we’re not welcoming you back this is our farewell.

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