Hearts of Gold by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/12/2021

There is a sickness in this world
Some makes itself seen or heard
Other’s find ways to give it names
Other’s like to play their social heartless games

The cure is often found in the disease
Unless of course it’s the people you see
Humanity’s greatest flaw
Is that they forget how everyone eventually does fall

There’s a village of many hearts
Some are kind and more precious that gold
They’re friendships easy, solid and under any pressure don’t fold compassion makes the mold
Still, some people do harm to others and it takes it’s tolls

There’s an imperfection in everyone
It’s not just you or me it’s anyone
For a thousand wonderful moments
Are to be forgotten by them when one’s own faults are found in testaments

There’s no part of me that plays the Saint
There’s no part of me that isn’t without blame
Yet I’m a bringer of smiles more often than, misspoken words, or tears
I offer peace and heartfelt empathy freely despite my many, many fears

People love to accuse others of many things
Point fingers, pass judgments all to curry some agenda or win
Still, what they speak of is full of numerous, even humorous lies
They mix enough truth in it and pretend it’s your own thoughts inside

Humanity’s greatest gift is life
Humanity’s greatest weakness is those that pretend to care then when it’s tough heartlessly hide
They lock others in there Labyrinths of lies
Things so rotten and lost they lose all sense or sight

Still for every bad one there is a good one
For every fault the heart shines through the perfection of a kind smile
Though we’re imperfect by organic design
I feel the imperfect ones have those hearts of gold inside

Go forth in peace friends of tomorrow, now or past
For believe me time passes very fast
Those who are meant to stay will stay
Always accept you without judging or blame or cast you ever away

Till we stop finding the faults in others
We’ll never see the beautiful in each sister or brother
Or how we all should be kind to all like mothers
For inside our imperfect human heartfelt selves
We’re human and some are gold as well

If you couldn’t tell

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