Season’s Reasons by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/16/2020

Winter rays are short and fleeting
Spring fed thoughts begin their creeping
Summer dreams banish the cold in our hearts
Autumn winds have us waiting for holidays to start

Four glorious seasons and everyone has a favorite
Most of the time it’s the season their not in
Some of the times it’s the complaints they hide within
Does anyone favor more than one?
I have a feeling some like two and then some

Sunlight finds its way longer and shorter
It’s a tilt of the earth they say
Seasons like people come and go while the good ones always stay
It may seem trivial to point out but this has always been this way

There are two extremes to winters encompassing veil
One is dark, leafless, dormancy
The other is bright, white and ice covered normalcy
If you had to choose between the two
I’d say pick the one with the prettiest and most epic view

Winter gosh I’ve forgotten my mittens
Spring brings daffodils, tulips and crocuses to existence
Summer brings a bronzing to our skin and burst of flora
Fall is a harvest that’s transient like tomorrow

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