Did Herbal Tinctures from Amazon get me High?

I’d like to start off my saying I absolutely loathe being stoned. It’s absolutely true. I don’t like the scent of weed or the feeling. I know it’s because of my tolerance. I don’t do it so if I do the feeling is overwhelming and never ends. Still, I’m human and I recognize that it’s a heck of a lot healthier than pills that destroy my liver. So whatevs. Apparently the new trend is CBD which and don’t quote me on this is advertised as having the benefits of marijuana without the high or impairment.

You have to understand I was having a moment. Yes a PTSD and Mania kind of moment and thought to myself there has to be herbal things that can help. I can’t just pop Benzodiazepines every time I’m overwhelmed. Well I can but you know it’s not like Xanax grows on trees. At least not that I know of. Well anyways so apparently around 3-4am my mind wouldn’t shut up. I did my mindful breathing, had my tea, bed routine. All was right in the world. Meanwhile my shoulders were knotted up I felt a sense of dread kept getting distracted by my thoughts which were unpleasant and yeah the sun was coming. All of this cause some people hurt my feelings. Sigh people we’re all so flawed and doing are best with everything. Still sometimes we find ways of making others suffer because well apparently it wants company. Idk I’m not a poster child for sanity if you can tell from my late night amazon purchases.

Anyways I was having pretty shitty anxiety and instead of hitting the benzos I decided let’s try the organic, non-gmo, locally grown, tinctures above. Also with some calming Yogi tea cause I’m a tea drinker. Well guess what I was able to pass through my moment of anxiety. Then I got funny and giggly because I felt weird. It was like I was stoned but never got stoned. This makes no sense. Maybe it won’t to anyone who hasn’t lit the grass and claims sainthood. My way of describing what these tinctures did was I realized I felt like I had gotten stoned without being stoned. Or like how you feel five hours after the light of a spliff or gummy or whatever the hip thing is. Point is didn’t feel the high but felt the absence of it. Like never got the high but got the down or withdrawal from it. Makes little to no sense but it’s true. CBD or the ashwaganda or kava or whatever blend made me feel like I was kind of moon walking or groggy.

So I guess Amazon Prime got me buzzed off herbs in liquid form for a few hours. However I didn’t lose my sense faculties and totally didn’t get wasted or anything. Also no Benzos or other Meds and I survived the day. Drops taste terrible though seriously. Also CBD or whatever is the HL bottle totally makes ya hungry.

Now it’s time for my bed time routine. Headspace App primed locked and loaded for my Meditation. Medications will come after and then the tinctures again. Figure taking them at night might help with insomnia and nightmares. Going to try it. Don’t want to be a pill queen sorry doc. The earth should have everything we need to be good even if it has to go through a process.

So goodnight yeah Amazon definitely delivered those tinctures and though herbal and all that one of them definitely was something I felt in my whole body. Also I wasn’t high just well mildly giggly with a bit of sedation. Like the come up but not the crest. Whatever making no sense. Try CBD the HL stuff from Amazon you’ll see.

That’s the end to my rant as I’ve got to Meditate. Then go to sleep on my Thai roll up mattress for back alignment and support and see how I feel tomorrow after being an online apocathery shopping spree for less stress.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams

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