Buttered Lies #Poetry

Ravens and butterflies they couldn’t be more alike
They fly on the breeze they usher changes we often don’t like
There’s a skeletal system inside each mechanical piston
It begs us to go forward or move along with tyrannical systems
I’m not much of a man but that show says I’m an excellent lover
I’ve been your Rocky I’ve been your music driven Horror
I remember the days of cool autumn nights and themed holidays
When everything was right
As long as we forfeited our limited rights
I’m a raven, a bird, a window, a sir.
I’m not apathy or lust just a book binder wrapped in leather no rust
So read between the lines and trust
Please remember it’s like the nineties rewind it’s a must
When a book isn’t enough is it ever enough
A video store makes us more worldly or tough
I remember static before a connection
A bigger process before any kind of affection
Yet, none of this matters to the magpie that repeats
It says things like trivia and we rinse and we eat
Ravens and butterflies they dance under skies
Some mean death other’s mean lies
Yet in a glen of fairytale moments
I still choose to dream and think of each focus
For I am not something that can ever be defined
As we’re above everything with that one more sip of wine
Tell me now are you holier than though
Is being on my knees not low enough or do I say ciao
Should reverent heads now bend or just bow
I’m a raven and a magpie I only repeat what I know
So if there’s a story here only the relevant will show
Take me sinner, savior and saint
I’m not worth much but I’ll recommend that best coat of paint
You may not know me
You may even pretend this is all you see
Make it about yourself instead of what it’s about which is clearly me
Still Sunday’s have never been so nice
Quiet and empty
None of your lies
So as the snowless day ends and births the Monday
I’ll remind you Sundays used to be my fun day.
As ravens are harbingers of death or the watch
Butterflies glow whimsically in waiting and dark
Till the Monday dawn finds its ways to awake
You’ll see that reading between the lines is all it really takes

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