Favor Its by Alejandro N. Marrero

How can one pick a favorite song?
I think there can’t just be one or that would be wrong.
I place the buds with their tunes in my ear
I sing along quiet and sometimes loud enough to hear

How can someone have a favorite color?
It seems so tedious to pick one or the other.
Sometimes it’s blues as lively as turquoise
Sometimes it’s red or purple why make a choice?

How can someone have a favorite time of year?
Shouldn’t everyone find happiness anytime with those they find dear?
Would you have a favorite friend?
Why can’t you love everyone till the very end?

Sometimes we’re asked what are favorite things are.
It can be about music, colors or even stars.
Still, our wants change often from one moment to the next.
Why bother being attached to one more than the rest?

I’ve been asked often what is truly the best
It feels like some sort of weird human test
I’d like to say everything has value and isn’t worth more or less
Still, sometimes we’re asked this and we choose for the sake of silence’s rest

Now, find a way for everything and anywhere to be your hearts delight
Let all things good or bad be transformed into bright vivid light
May everything you experience be pleasant, kind and soft
Maybe one day we’ll focus on just those positive thoughts.

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