Left is Right by Alejandro N. Marrero

When choosing left from right
Which way does your vision go
It’s not a matter of dark or light
Still, between thoughts we should swim with the flow

One side of your mind is angelic
One side of your mind is demonic
Yet what about the center between those two points
The middle promises both directions and at lease a choice

I see you there creeping up on me
You may think your hidden but it’s plain to see
I’m remembering all the things you said to us
We’re still wondering what’s with all the fuss

People make mistakes if not how would we grow
Pointing the faults in others is not how it should go
For everything you think of him or me or we
Is just a reflection of your own mirror staring back at thee

When choosing right from wrong
Not all of us have the fortitudes to be so strong
Still, many of us are the people worth trusting
When people throw their shade it’s just a misunderstanding

So here you’ve been placed in the middle of left and right
One way is darker the other is light
Bend or pívot the direction of your holy heart
We can only hope the path you choose is the best part

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