In Some Maniac by Alejandro N. Marrero

The barest of thoughts and they all turn to you
Things you say and who you wished I turned into
I’m clever with words but you’ve stolen all the fun of it
Now I’m up late, sleep later, read more and lay down more than I sit
No, not really ever expecting or wanting of it

These tattered memories of days long gone
The things you, me and we did that were all so darn wrong
I’d love to find an excuse to remedy my or is it our behavior
Still, even with the best reasons the odds are never in my favor

Awake enviously listening to the snores of those who can sleep
Who do a small enough part to have food for me to prepare, cook and eat
Still, heaven hasn’t come knocking on this guided red door
Though, one can say wishes have been granted as it’s you I adore

The mind blows in every direction but that downward slope we call south
I’ve found this to be true unless your on knees stuffing that filthy mouth
Still, why be stoic when your branches are filled with drops of fiction or lies
Why, do you pretend when apathy prevents everyone from a cry?

One look and it’s done my sentence has ended before it’s begun
Not sure how we got here I just know that we’re probably done
You had your fill of pettiness and hacked out your judgments
Now my peace has increased with your verdicts into abundance

Say something quiet meaningful and true
Oh, wait. That’s really hard work for you.
Go search the net for a cause and a cure
In the end we pointed no fingers and we continually endure

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