Artwork by Cassiopeia Art

Pele the StarKin

It took years for my star to reach this blue green planet. It was so new and glowed a faint blue from my origin galaxy Cassiopeia. All my fellow StarKin still lived there or were in the process of charting their own courses through the universe. I had too much energy to stay and once I saw this planet my course was set. I landed in the middle of what is now considered the Pacific Ocean. It seemed a good a place as any and in the middle of everything. I didn’t even cause a disturbance as I am Pele and care for every spark of life around me. It didn’t take me long to reach the bottom of the ocean floor. I imagine it was so dark before my arrival. Still, I couldn’t help my luminous form for I was a StarKin. Listening to the hum of the planet I heard a rhythm that couldn’t be ignored. I was welcomed and full of joy. I quickly started my celebratory dance. I had arrived at my destination and this planet welcomed me here. I danced in twirled and spun as my magics flowed all around my body. Every step I made became molten and blazed. It was a festive dance. Guided by each tempo I heard from this solar system my pace quickened. Layer by layer my dance gave me joy and I grew.

One day I heard a splash and I could see I’d risen above the ocean waves. Now a new Melody was guiding me. I felt the breezes and winds. I felt the warmth, dark and light. Before I even knew it this solar system’s infant StarKin gained sentience and encouraged my dance. Pleased and humbled by a younger StarKin I complied. My hands swayed up and everywhere my gown of molten earth landed islands were formed. Still, I kept dancing.

One day joyfully fresh waters flowed from the clouds. They collected into all the footsteps my dancing had left on the ground. Not, long after the evidences of my dances grew into mountains lush with green. Bays full of fish and birds of every color. All the flora and fauna devoting themselves to this chain of islands I had formed. After dancing for what felt like eons I stopped. Looking around at the result of my dance. It was beautiful. A tropical paradise rich with creatures and so much life. My StarKin spark had served this place well. It was time to slumber.

I laid down gently on the sands and they turned ebony and beautiful like the space between stars. I let a sigh escape and said my good night wishes to my StarKin friend. I told them it was time for me to rest and to visit me in my dreams. We dream walked often and spoke with each other for eons. Humans had made there way to these lands and they took care of and had great respect for its fertile chains of islands. I whispered in the wind to those gifted enough to hear my projected thoughts my StarKin name Pele. They named the lands Hawaii and were grateful. Feeling the results of my joy and dancing caused happiness put me at ease. I bid my StarKin friend farewell and told him to wake me from my restorative slumber should my dance be needed again.

It was quiet and settled for countless years. Then I woke up startled. I was feeling uncomfortable. Unnatural poisons and shaking became present throughout my sacred islands. The humans had changed much during my slumber. They were warring and invaders had been destroying all the beautiful elegance of my sacred dance. Harming the soil, greenery, waters, beaches and creatures that called Hawaii home.

‘How dare they?’ I thought. It is not easy to fully wake for a StarKin from slumber but I am Pele. Hawaii is my lands. My fury manifested molten orange and flowed. A warning to all that I was awakening.

If the humans don’t return to the old ways of peace and caring for the blessed ground under their feet I’d leave them and take the evidence of my dance elsewhere. Given time I will regain my form again and will settle somewhere else. A place where my dance is appreciated by my fellow StarKins if not everyone else. I might even take Sol my StarKin friend this planet circled. For the universe is vast and I was certain with time I’d find another place to chart to that would appreciate my divine footwork. I am Pele from Cassiopeia. I am not bound or hindered by time and would find another of the immeasurable planets to grace with my dances.

Let it be known that land is living and all things are interconnected and come from stars. Like stars we StarKin can burn bright, wink out or shoot to new destinations. Treat us poorly and find destruction or loss in our absence. Treat us well and you’ll always find health and blessed beauty in our wake.

~ by Alejandro Marrero 2/24/2021

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