Winter Wane by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/26/2020

It’s raining yet again but we’re first world so we’re dry of course
Got a million reasons why that’s left of true but logic makes most minds rupture
Shouldn’t make a difference the color or the culture Still, for some reason in matters of the heart we’re enraptured
Give it enough time, keep reading and turn the page to the next chapter
It’s wet outside but dry under this quasi broken black striped umbrella
It’s big enough for two but you’d have to lean closer and be my affectionate fella
Rain drops are heavy as they pellet the world in cold and humid wet
It’s just begun there’s no need to panic at least not quite yet
Now you’ve come over and of course your shoes will leave a mess
That’s alright though because now you’re home and I can finally get some semblance of that elusive rest
Left my soul soaking wet but that’s love both consuming and generously blessed
I’ve felt the thunder and the flashes before they ever came
This isn’t riddles or one of your complicated strategy simulation games
My heart has footprints and it’s from all the friends I’ve lost and gained
I give them smiles, love and laughter
You give them whatever you hope will cause the least obvious pains before putting them to pastors. Making them forget all the times I brought them laughter.
I’ve noticed a storm above these leafless trees and upward reaching dark veins of canopies
It’s okay, Nature is mature and none of us is truly ever one hundred percent free
It’s raining yet again and the garden is happy that winter has a hopefully approaching end
I see daffodils and tulips sprout and towards the sun they begin to bend
They plead for that star we orbit and winter’s final snowless end
This rainstorm that is my heart
It’s very wet yet it holds some deep strong sparks
Moisture for the seeds that will soften, indeed wake up and then of course grow
Water for the rainbows that could land anywhere but will be seen when flowers truly unfold
You’ve come over and of course you’ve made another mess
That’s okay though now your home and I can finally get some rest
Rain drops fall upon our thought filled heads
At least we’ve got that first world choice to come inside, dry off and just watch it together instead

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