Lie Her by Alejandro N. Marrero

There’s a flood from a storm out there and we know where it started
Yup we can trace it back and it’s always what we thought it
A narcissist pointed fingers, diagnosed and pretends aloofness to control it
It’s that dialogue that’s not truly theirs but driven by his alcohol fueled crazy talks
It’s that jealousy that’s poison in every word he says and mocks
We’re not fools we’ve done this dance many times before
We’ve been the victim of your sharp tongue in front of company and more
We’ve been kind, flawed but still patiently full of love
We never brought it up when you insulted us in front of others because we choose those peaceful doves
We don’t believe we need an intermediary to divide us and judge
You’re a spec of dust, a glitch of time and soon will be gone
Still, we’ll not speak ill of you we’re just that kind and rise above
However we forgive everything even your public stabbings of us but never ever deign to forget
We remember everything you do, have done and you’ve yet to show regret
Do continue to try and consolidate your group before you leave
In the end you’re leaving in that sweet spot we call summer’s oppressive Eve
We need nothing from you.
Not even a call or text
In fact we prefer you’d stay away and inside your inebriated and divisive fence
For as many times as you lashed us with your tongue
We never held onto it as a burning charcoal or threw any held back dung
We let it go and said it’s fine he’s been drinking and having his at our expense inebriated fun
Still, now you’ve become a plague and wow what you’ve done
Yeah, we know of it and it will not be forgotten or undone.
Enjoy that edging holiday that tryst before you part ways.
Keep that poison you spread that keeps them all under your thumb or even transiently away.
We’re good without toxic people in our peaceful, kind and friendly lives.
We’ve got more friends surprisingly while all you have is lies.
So one day years from now when you’ve unfortunately or fortunately returned
You’ll find a place that’s been completely changed and even happier or reborn
One that’s been years without the toxic waste of your sharp blood drawing tongue and stupid alcoholic words
A place where years have cemented the kindness of our intents and we’re unfiltered and kindly heard
For we’re a duo of hearts without animosity to anyone
We just don’t appreciate the evil you give to just about everyone
Doesn’t mean we don’t wish you well
You don’t believe in gods but we don’t wish upon you hells
So go forth or go back it really makes no difference
The reality is we don’t stab in front or back because we’re just compassionately that different
So continue spreading your poison, Vernon, hate, controlling nature and your epic lies
Continue being obsessed with us, hating us and your fictional sighs
In the end we’re the ones people come to in the beginning and the end
We’re the ones that like bamboo no storm does more than bend
We’re rooted firmly in perfect love and perfect trust
We have no halos but our kindness is true and always a must
So spit your driver and polluted agenda to anyone who isn’t strong enough to see the truth
In the end we’re not interested in leaves or branches we only hang with roots

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