Out of Tides by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/28/2021

I’m drowning in the thoughts of who we used to know
Trying my hardest to avoid thinking about them and letting them go
Tears were never easy for a man like me
Even if I’m sensitive and get hurt quite easily

I’m stuck in current that feels like a riptide
I started on shore and suddenly I’m pulled under holding my breathe on the inside
I’m not always patient but I know the waters will eventually like all things calm
So as I sink to the bottom from the weight of my thoughts I wait till the tide is gone

I’m in the shallow waters the ones that promise sand or green below
I’ve always felt more comfortable when I could see the bottom as the wind blows
There’s a turbulence in my mind that runs it’s course through the very heart of me
It’s not something you can easily describe or even remotely understand me enough to see

I’m floating down a river it’s steady and yes it’s picking up speed
Around every corner and bend, rocks threaten to break me
Still, I keep myself buoyant and float with my eyes open to the cloudless sky
The stars look beautiful and even though I’ve no idea where I’m going, out comes a comforting sigh

Maybe we’re all drowning in the thoughts of those things or people we used to know
Maybe we’re like tides, rivers, storms and the stars or water’s shores learning to grow
I’d like to think no matter how much we cry or smile every single or other night
That somewhere out there and in between there’s wishes granted for every fright

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