People’s Patience by Alejandro N. Marrero 2/28/2021

People love to tell me what I feel, think, or do
It’s like they’re so cognitive they dare believe they’ve lived my life or walked in my very shoes
Has this happened to one or two of you?
Have people you confide in made it all about themselves instead too?
People love to judge others and it matters not their intended targets
They’ll maim any and everyone sick or well without thinking first about it
Thinking themselves better they want to be the loudest one in the room
They will stop anyone who interrupts them or leaves far to late or soon
I have this view that no ones perfect
That this has been a hell of a last two years
We’ve had above all a pandemic
We’ve all been held hostage by, for, and from its fears
People need to stop being so verbally combative
Relinquish anger, revenge and poisonous words
They need to find their kindness, patience and compassion
This is what others and the world deserves
I’m not a perfect example of holiness and there’s no halo on my head
I to have judged and been affected by the happenings of life in dread
Still, one thing is certain, I don’t live to cause strife or wish anyone dead.
However, it’s true, people love to tell us what to feel, think or do
It’s like they don’t have faith in themselves or even me or anyone of you
The fact is metaphorically speaking no one has lived life inside your very shoes
Except for you, no one understands truly what you’ve been through, perceived or find false or true
The next time you communicate with someone well known or even somewhat new
Remember they are different but similar in wanting happiness for themselves and others too
Maybe with a kinder heart and more patience we’ll all survive these challenging times
Until then just be at ease the best you can, love without bounds and always be kind

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