Circle of Protection from Thee by Alejandro N. Marrero

The corners can be summoned because the coven hasn’t waned
It’s a different sort of magic no high priest or priestess is needed to be ordained
We call the winds from the East the evocation to the breath of all life
We call to the fires of the South the evocation of cleansing warmth, animus and light
We call to the waters of the West refreshing, healing and soothing like a turquoise spring
We call the earth from the North and feel great yet grounding power from malachite and granites strength from within
The circle is complete with salted borders and herbs like yew
The protection is absolute as the elements are protectors from the likes of evil or the obsessed ones like you
Inside our magic circle we dance, divine and draw down the moons fullest triple goddess of power
The space has been cleansed, sanctified and blessed this very witching hour
I’m not a pagan nor a monotheistic kind of person or man
I simply know with truth and mastery of compounded elements it’s easier to love, bless and stand
The coven grows and shrinks like the swells of moon lifted tides
Still, it’s one of perfect love and trust there isn’t any room for lies
A sphere of magic only a few are blessed enough to see the veils, believe and see
One that protects, purifies and safeguards us from those obsessed with us, me or thee
Run little children I’ll take thee away into a garden of full of magic
Come little children the times come to play here in my land of enchantment
There’s some hocus pocus in this weathered lovely nostalgic rhyme
There’s a black flame candle and no maiden this day or this time
There’s only a river of flame, water, earth and warm fire
Spirit is in the middle and we’re safe from your obsession for our power
The coven is strong and it’s not dwindled and is in every lasting fortitude
Your abduction of strangers matters not for we never met them or truly knew you
The corners have been summoned because the coven hasn’t been waned
In fact it’s grown more potent, stronger and famed in name
Inside our pentacle with elements on each direction or cardinal point
We feel protected from your venom, spite or your view that disappoints
We are wind, water, earth, fire and the fifth element of space or spirit
We’ve salted our circle and those that we know are good and safe are within it
Ever mind the ancient honest rules of three
Whatever you send out does indeed come back to positive or wickedly to thee
So obsessed with your liqueurs, drugs, inebriation and lies
You’ve yet to recognize no one in this sphere of protection cares for your malicious cries
Continue to circle us trying each and every way to get your insanity and chaos inside
Fact is we’re sheltered, safe, shamans who with elemental blessings don’t let your hate within or your cries
We call the breezes and breath from the East the evocation to the winds of all life
We call to the warm summer fires of the South the evocation of cleansing warmth yes and eternal cleansing light
We call to the waters of the West they soothe and are refreshing, healing and welcomed like spring nights
We call the earth mother Gaia from the North and feel her great grounding power from deep without and within
Now ever mind the blessed rule of three
Whatever you’ve sent out by threefold we send back to thee

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