Fine this Sign by Alejandro N. Marrero

I’m that line between what’s masculine and feminine
That delicate middle that’s a balance of androgynous
My swept long hair with locks that barely wave
Soft lips, kind words and kisses over hatred has always been my way
We’ve been around for history but that doesn’t make us weak
Most of us are fighters and our sword dance isn’t meek
We can wield the blades and easy and deft as a pen
You’ll find that though we live in the middle far from any end
I’m that line between what’s real and what’s an illusion
Some people are in awe of my uniqueness others lost in their confusion
With delicate features and a voice that’s full of poetry
I can spin stories upon stories using only static imagery
If you’d like to spar with words that’s fine and absolutely about you
Still, don’t be surprised when your knocked down a peg or two
I’m that line between the land and the sea
Where everything seems bigger from the boundless shores of eternity
My actions are my own though make no mistake I have used them enough to of grown
I don’t claim wings on my back or feathered purity as my own
Still, don’t for a second think I haven’t owned the mistakes I’ve been shown
It’s a delicate balance between what’s good and bad
However, I choose to stay optimistic and in the end it’s better than sad
I’m that fine line between what’s between the mundane and divine
Still, it’s always been up to you to perceive the right or wrong design

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