Imagery By MCPTATO on DevientArt

Complex by Alejandro N. Marrero

I’ve been given a complex
I’ve been told my words are careless, unmindful or too bold
I’ve been given the cold shoulders and people’s distanced disrespect truth be told
I’ve been given heat so hot it hurt and even scolds

He’s been given a complex
He’s been told his words are perfect like well spun gold
He’s been praising himself with adoration and in its warmth thinks it’s actually he who glows
He’s been everything I’m not at least that’s what he says or so I’ve been told
He’s not bothered by the weight of his actions as he’s always been this cold

We’ve been sequestered to this beautiful living in the village life that’s so complex
We’ve not left too far out from these precious pretty homes no outlets to express
No hugs to comfort us or bless
We’ve been told we may always be there for each other as long as ‘we’ not ‘them’ don’t roam
Let’s not forget we’ve been given instructions so sketchy and even nefarious they’ve yet to be untold

They’ve been given themselves into such a sense of wrongness and duplicity
They’ve been granted a blight of contagiousness in a feverish barely lucid stupidity
They’ve gone and run their mouths around and around the block to everyone
They’ve yet to understand their words barely have weight and fall only on deaf ones

I was getting a complex
I was questioning my worth and words
I was letting accusations from the worthless tell me who or what I was allowed to hold

Now I understand the truth here
Now I’ve heard it from all the fractured sides
The I, the We, the They and of course finally we easily untangled all their wicked lies
Still, it’s made me and us cautious yet very humble
Now we’re empathetic and only sad for him and them
For it doesn’t matter how much pain they cause for we indeed have forgiven them

Let them be obsessed with themselves and even you or me
Let them dwell, plot, look out the window past the streets and trees
Let them seek control it’s us who are truly kind and effortlessly free
In the end it’s their egos that truly has them bitter and anger owned

Once I had a very fragile complex
Some idea I momentarily thought I wasn’t and wouldn’t ever be enough
Yet, now the seasons changed and I’ve learned I kind of like it rough
More than that this winter’s made us more than just a little Ford tough

So continue with the dialogues of the whose, what, when, where’s and why’s
In the end we’re humble for the strength we learned to spring from the insides
They taught us we’re kinder for forgiving them for all their obsessive relentless lies
In the end what really matters is this grass is definitely greener on our sides

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