Owl Always Love by Alejandro N. Marrero

I’ll always be watching
During times of peace or when it’s storming
You can even call me when I’m sleeping
Doesn’t matter how early or late in the morning

You matter to me
All of you, even the ones I can’t see
Life is gone in the bat of an eye
It’s not right for so many people to live briefly just to die
We must preserve life and steer others from suicides

What I’d like best is for all of you to be not suffering and stay alive
Not just surviving, but healthy and above all thrive
I’m not known for much other than written words and gardening
Still, it’s helpful growing communities, friendships, and food for sharing

I’ll always be watching out for all of you
Especially those who think life’s to tough as I’m here for you too
I rarely forget what is meaningful and definitively true
The fact is as I stare off into the endlessly peaceful distance
My mind expands beyond the spaciousness of my own existence
It gives my heart a purpose one that’s to be a benefit to all
One that strengthens me by catching those that slip or even fall

I wish to be shade under a your tree or a cool breeze on a hot summer day
I wish to have a hearth full of heat to keep your chills at bay
There is very little I won’t do for everyone of you as long as it’s wholesome and good
Being kind, understanding and loyal is simply my way this is commonly understood

Now, go forth and enjoy the lullaby of kindness for sweet dreams and pleasant nights
I’ll always be watching and waiting in the blessed sun, shadow or moonlight
For I’ll always be caring for others every single day and night

Till we see each other remember I’m just a call , plane, car ride or even a walk away
Firmly rooted to this home making it bigger for all to find peace and stay
It matters not the time I’m available for I’ll always be this way
I’ll always love everyone and most certainly you
This is my mantra to make sure that I’ll always love you and be true

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