Stars Too by Alejandro N. Marrero

We orbit luminescence and call it vivid light
Atoms colliding with protons and with reactions that shine bright
We circle your warmth for you’re our way to find our true home
In the twinkle of your eyes your love is indeed rare and so openly shown

We have these moments and too often their near the end
The moments we lay ourselves bare and share what’s truly within
It may be challenging, pleasant or yes even disturbing
Yet, we still focus on the light for it’s what is deserving

We are created or made of stardust and light
We may make a competition of our suffering but shadows fade in daylight
I’m not perfect and neither are almost all of you
Still, that smile you gave us makes us believe in flaws are perfected truths

The fact is we each have stars in our eyes and our life
They’re bright, strong and pull us towards their radiant and un~ignorable light
There isn’t a thing, word or thought that can banish the clarity of your day
For our stars are bright and like the sun we circle them as is our way

We have a circle, a path and a journey outside and within
It’s brings us enemies, acquaintances and family to find our own wins
The thing is we’re imperfect and that’s perfection at its best
The fact is we can let loose, make mistakes but learn very very fast

We’re all made of stardust and we orbit a sun
Our planet is one of many but life here has ended and yet begun
We circle around the light that gives us warmth and cold with seasons
Still, you’re loving kindness and smiles are the true epic reasons

Fly with wind under your wings to the heaven of your choice
Even if you leave we remember your smiles, voice, love, light and rejoice
I’m not perfect and neither is he, they, them, or she
What matters most is that we wish for the smiles and live and let be

Tears of remembrance they can’t be faked and are real
They prove to us importance, empathy and what is fiction or a meaningful reel
We playback the good, the bad and even the frustrations too
Still, orbiting stars we know our love, friendships, and family are always stars to

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