Photo: Antonio Mora

Optional Optimism by Alejandro N. Marrero

It was a beautiful day
The whole of morning and afternoon sun with pleasant breezes that made it that way.
We labored hard.
We dug holes, poured cement, sawed wood and swept away things to discard.
Time goes by so quickly and truth be told I’m so tired from all the work.
Still, it was positive and healthy activities full of worth
That beautiful weekend has fled
Now it’s Monday and with only two hours of sleep I wish I had slept
Still, we can’t always have everything perfect
Still I think life’s nice days are worth it
When all is said and done
I know I’m not the only one
My affirmation for today is a nap, meditation and the energy to work
I have to admit the nap is possible, meditation necessary but my head hurts
It’s nothing serious just a perk of being an insomniac.
That body that doesn’t sleep and has panic attacks.
Yet, I’ve been having more good days then bad.
All thanks to good habits and friends I’m finding myself less sad
It was a beautiful weekend with pleasant days and nights
Even if I’m lacking sleep I know I’ll sleep well tonight
With stars in my soul and above the clouds in the boundless skies
With optimism and hope I welcome spring and rise.

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